ecommerce CONSULTING

ecommerce CONSULTING

deliver a truly customer centric
shopping experience

deliver a truly customer centric
shopping experience

We offer consulting which can cover your entire eccomerce buisness, from Customer service, operations, fulfilment to marketing and strategic planning.

Working with you to grow AND SUPPORT YOUR business

Working with you to grow AND SUPPORT YOUR business

We’ve worked with a wide range of brands and retailers to help develop, prioritise and deliver effective eCommerce roadmaps, covering anything from large transformational changes (such as replatofrming, social planning or new channels) to general customer experience projects (such as front-end optimisation, personalisation or post-order workflow improvements).


See below for just some of the areas we can work with and improve within your business.


Using qualitative and quantitative data to learn channel effectiveness, financial insights and improve business decision-making


The most impactful route to growth is providing your visitors and customers with all the knowledge they need to make a confident purchase and deliver post-purchase convenience.



Know the questions to ask that help you learn from your customers. Collect with ease insight from new and existing customers to identify and learn what motivates purchase and what truly matters.



Using personalisation platforms that deliver product recommendations on your homepage and category pages based on customer insight and shopping behaviour


Improve efficiencies across the business to develop operations, master technologies, hire effectively and ensure true customer-centricity


Customer voice is lifeblood for your brand. Learn how to ask the questions that deliver better reviews that give more visitors confidence to shop your brand.



Creating and managing email flows triggered by customer behaviour and personalised through customer insight. Start making better use of data to deliver the customer experience that drives ecommerce growth


You have the opportunity to deliver your customer the best shopping experience they've encountered. Now do your bit to reward loyalty, help build word-of-mouth and acknowledge the customers that fuel your growth.


Motivate more existing customers to shop again building out a customer retention strategy using LTV modelling and data that triggers post-purchase emails that inspire repeat purchase and subscriptions.


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